Winter is Coming – STOIC Framework:


  • The four generic strategies B2B businesses used during the GFC and which one was the most successful
  • The STOIC Framework
  • SALES – how to maximise your sales and attract the customers and buyers you want to serve
  •  TALENT – how to see and attract the best people to your organisation
  • OPPORTUNITY – maximise your time and focus while doing big things that matter and leaving things that don’t, cut the pet projects, and pick up business others are leaving behind
  • INTIMACY – simply getting closer to your customers and turning them into raving fans and repeat buyers – start by giving them more value
  • CREDIBILITY – there is nothing more important than being and staying trustworthy in your customers’ eyes and building a solid brand that’s a path to explosive growth. Stay in the market and protect or grow your eSOV (effective Share of Voice).

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