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Your new product or service concept will face the ultimate challenge: your market.

What if you could test the waters before you invest heavily? With Market Fit, you can!

With Market Fit, you’ll be able to get customer validated answers to the five questions that matter most:

  1. Does your concept solve a problem that’s important to your market?
  2. Who are the people that will become your target market? How big is that group?
  3. Can your solution compete with existing options? Is it really better?
  4. What message will you give your market? Will people even care?
  5. Will your potential customers be willing to pay for what you offer?
  6. What are the possible outcomes?

With Market Fit before you build or write a line of code you will learn if your idea is a:

  1. Absolute success: you have product market it.
  2. A flawed success that you can build on.
  3. An efficient failure: in its current form your idea won’t fly, you need to refine and retest

How Market Fit works

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Market Fit is a division of The Exponential Agency and has one shared vision: helping businesses to survive and thrive in the fast-paced, highly competitive digital era.

Tens of millions of people use products which we’ve helped launch as business owners and executives.

Now with Market Fit, small and large businesses alike can benefit from customer validated answers to the questions you’re asking before investing in your concept.

Kursten Shalfoon

Kursten has provided almost a decade of General Management, Board of Director and Senior Executive experience to some of New Zealand’s largest and most successful companies.


Michelle Kong

Michelle is a seasoned strategist and team leader who thrives on working with inspired and inspiring people. Her core strengths lie in bringing clarity in strategic direction to support better business outcomes, collaboration across diverse disciplines, and aligning multiple teams to drive action and change.


Rod Snodgrass

Rod is a senior executive with 20+ years’ experience in corporate strategy, innovation, digital growth and transformation in New Zealand, with a proven track record in building and executing corporate, market, business and product shaping strategies in Telco, Media, Internet and Digital sectors