Kursten was very thorough in his approach to helping us shape and define our value proposition and positioning. His processes and insights were exceptional and extracted exactly what we were finding very difficult to do by ourselves. The value he has provided is priceless and means we can move quickly forward with new business and client acquisition.

Chris Schultz

CEO, Acquire NZ

Kursten has been an absolutely invaluable asset to the growth of my business in terms of his personal industry perspectives, the way he thinks, but also the way that he is a great sounding board to many of the business challenges we all have.

I admired Kursten back when we first met during his Vodafone days, both for his marketing prowess and creative thinking that helped propel that particular service provider to the top spot in New Zealand, but also on his ability to articulate, either up on stage in front of an auditorium or in a meeting room.

Kursten is a straight up, no bull, outcomes focused, high end, business consultant with an extremely good brain.

What I also especially like about Kursten is his team of alliances that he can marry up with me when their skills better match my immediate needs.  Kursten is very well connected and this illustrates that he is focused on the outcomes I need as his first priority.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kursten Shalfoon and he will continue to form a significant part of my business as we continue to scale and market to a larger audience base.

Scott Bain

Director, SaferCities Group

Kursten has played a vital role in not only helping us understand how to attract the right customers, but secure long-term contracts that are meaningful for both parties.
Craig Steel

Principle, Steel Performance Solutions

Kursten and his team at Marketfit, have been a part of our business for over a year now and have been integral to our business transformation through Covid. They bring a hands-on, analytical approach to our marketing strategy and have integrated seamlessly into our business. One of the real benefits of using a consultancy partner has been the external perspective they bring to bear, cutting through entrenched paradigms and silos. As a relatively small organisation, using Marketfit has given us access to resources and expertise we could never otherwise afford. We’ve found Kursten and his team to be highly available, flexible and insightful.

Mark Spring

Managing Director, Thorn Group Financial Services

I introduced Kursten to NZ Post as a heavy hitting marketing guru to add horsepower at an enterprise level. In addition to supporting our NZ Post CMO, Kursten has also worked with me and my Datam team as a virtual CMO. He brings a no-nonsense commercial and results orientated approach to marketing and together with his team is able to plug the gaps both at a capability and bandwidth level. Easily able to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, Kursten can quickly help shape the direction and launch quickly into action.

Norbert Bojarski

Executive General Manager, Investments & Ventures NZ Post

Kursten spent time carefully understanding our business and then made several insightful recommendations about the capability gaps that we would need to fill. He then ran a thorough and highly engaging process to identify the key person we needed to help deliver our strategy and, impressively, provided ongoing coaching to ensure that the new hire embedded quickly into the business and started to deliver value quickly. An impeccable process that exceeded all expectations.

Phill Dagger

Executive Director, Indevin Group

Enable is the UFB fibre company covering 200,000 homes and businesses in Christchurch and the surrounding areas. As our market opportunities and challenges increase in complexity we engaged Kursten to work with our senior management and Board to guide us on our market strategy, and following that Kursten has played a key role assisting us to plan and deliver our business ventures. He brought a different perspective to our strategy generation and go to market plans that has assisted us to gain the confidence of our Board in terms of direction and investment.

For my team and for me personally we found Kursten to be very easy to work with and we all learnt a lot from the experience over the last 18 months. Kursten gained immediate respect from our CEO and Board through his professionalism, approach and his business knowledge. He always delivering outputs on time and up to the standard we all hoped for.

Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Kursten to other businesses for market based consultancy.

Malcolm Campbell

GM Sales and Marketing, Enable Networks

As Freeview looks to gain more viewer insight through IP-delivered content, we recognised we needed a robust data strategy. Kursten was engaged to lead our data strategy based on his experience, depth of knowledge and genuine interest in data-powered marketing strategies. Kursten led the conversation and structured approach to how our business can optimise the balance between unobtrusively gathering viewer demographics and building a deep understanding and usage of behaviour. The recommendations made by Kursten were fully endorsed and accepted by Freeview.
Jason Foden

CEO, Freeview

When I first took over my role at ACG Education, leading the marketing and sales functions across a diverse set of educational businesses,  I had to bring a number of different teams together with a re-defined strategy, operational model and complete overhaul of the way our teams worked to be agile and nimble and achieve our goals.
Kursten helped me define what capability and team we needed, and helped me kick start some key projects that would set up the foundation for our marketing going forward. Kursten was invaluable in providing resources and recommendations for key specialists that became critical to the success of the key transformation project. His team of highly specialised experts are professional, knowledgeable and easy to speak to (no jargon with his team. More importantly,  Kursten was always available for a quick chat to bounce ideas off which I found invaluable.
Ana Maria Rivera

CMO, ACG Group

Digital Island have ambitious plans to accelerate revenue and customer growth. We have recently been investigating how to grow multiple new sales channels and concentrate in the areas that will provide the biggest return. Kursten and his team helped us to evolve our strategic thinking and identified gaps in our approach. By better understanding our business priorities we have implemented a number of initiatives that are propelling our growth. If you are looking for a partner to help you boost your business potential I would thoroughly recommend Kursten and Market Fit.
Leon Sheehan

GM , Digital Island

AMP hired Kursten to develop our customer value proposition, we needed was an expert friend.  I really appreciated the speed at which we were able to work, we didn’t spend a lot of time talking about things we already knew or that we agreed on.  With the team, Kursten were very present and visible.  Finally, you not only delivered the outcome we needed but were able to coach the team so when you did leave, AMP has an ability to tackle it again.

Anna Livesey

Head of KiwiSaver, AMP

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