If You Are Working Hard to Achieve Your Goals, You Are Doing It Wrong

Last month, I confessed I was not following my own advice. I was focusing on the wrong things and fell behind where I wanted the business to be.

I am happy to report we are 41% of the way through the year and I am back on track. Are you?

Do you like ice cream?

I know it is winter and nearly the shortest day but stay with me here.

Imagine it’s a glorious summer day. You decide to reward yourself with an ice cream cone.

Your happiness rises as you think about leisurely licking your cone while walking around the bays. It’s a lovely way to enjoy a summers day.

Here is the reality. The sun is beating down.

It is 30 degrees Celsius.

Of course, you get your triple scoop cone, and immediately it starts melting.

You lick as fast as you can to keep it from dripping down to your hands. You twist and turn the cone to keep it balanced. It is a race to consume it before the whole thing collapses and drops to the ground.

But if you go too hard you risk the dreaded ‘brain freeze’

When you purchased the ice cream, you failed to plan to successfully achieve your goal.

The effort to consume the ice cream before disaster struck became your entire focus.

Your vision of leisurely licking your cone by the beach and your ensuing happiness melted away as fast as your ice cream.

As simple as eating an ice cream is what about if you focus and proper planning.

A single scoop would have been more manageable to consume with no sticky fingers. Or perhaps you could have forgone the cone and opted for a cup and spoon instead.

Here is my point, our ability to focus before we set goals is stronger than our ability to focus while we are pursuing our goals.

We get distracted by the effort and motivation is lost.

Next thing you know, 41% of the year has passed and you are not 41% of the way to achieving your goals. Don’t take my word for it.

The science is real.

We think working hard will get things done. We’re wrong.

Working focused is the actual path to getting things done.

It is tough to set goals and tougher still to achieve them.

You need to constantly — and I mean constantly — remind yourself of the reward when you achieve your goal.

Use the Seinfeld Streak,  buy a bulk package of sticky notes and put reminders of your reward on your computer monitor, mirror, and refrigerator.

If technology is your thing, use Habit Bull

Don’t forget to create public accountably an obnoxiously talk about it with colleagues and friends.

Once you have embedded your goal and reward in your day, you will be better equipped to keep the effort in perspective.

When you are doing the work always ask yourself this, is this task taking me closer to my goal?

If it isn’t, then it probably isn’t worth doing. Time is a thief. Don’t let it steal your productivity with distractions.

Lastly, as the saying goes, failing to make a plan means planning to fail. Be realistic about what is really required to reach your goal. Download my template for an easy one-page plan.

If you prefer the human touch, book a call with me to get back on a growth track for your business. We can make the remaining 59% of the year the most productive part of the year for you.




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