When I started Generator Consulting I wanted to provide you with an insight into my world.  What you can expect from me, what drives me and what my personal philosophy is all about, and this blog provided the perfect outlet.  The market, business and marketing are all changing at a faster rate than ever before and I see two distinct reactions from business either bury your head in the sand or embrace opportunities that we have never had before.  From the words of one the modern marketing visionaries and frenetic blogger Seth Goldin,

“The easiest thing is to react. The second easiest is to respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate.” -Seth Godin

I want to initiate…

Change is all around us as the worlds of strategy, business models and marketing, move forward at a rapid pace.  We need to constantly ask ourselves are we initiating change, are we in a good position to ride the wave, or are we merely reacting to these changes? Worst of all, are we trying to pretend that things just stay the same? One of the things I’ve learned is that change is not only inevitable it is going to accelerate. Competition is going to come from outside our peer group, sometimes from seemingly out of nowhere. We can’t wish it away. We shouldn’t even want to.

Change brings new opportunities

But if we don’t grab these opportunities, someone else will. I believe that we all have the potential to be leaders. Ignoring change doesn’t only make us outdated (and in danger of extinction if we don’t adapt), it amounts to saying ‘no thanks’ to an opportunity that we will never see again.

I often see companies struggling to adapt to change, but I also see those who grab the opportunities change offers with both hands. Can we do that too? We certainly can! It takes creative thinking, it means being ready to change our preconceived ideas, and it isn’t easy, but challenges are exciting.

What you’ll get when you follow my blog

Tools to build a stronger business
Templates that save you time
Insights into future trends that you can take advantage of
Musings that I hope will get you thinking too
Provocations that incite debate and positive action
Questions you should be asking of yourself and your business


PS:  Through this process I have also learned something that Ernst Hemingway told us about writing and creating.…“The first draft of anything is shit”  

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