I’m really bad at DIY, really bad, actually, I might be being a bit hard on myself. 

There are only four critical things I’m missing when it comes to DIY: skills, experience, knowledge, and patience.

So now when we need some work around the house, instead of even attempting to do it myself I go for the GSI (Get Someone In) approach.  The result is a faster, cheaper, and professional job.  

The same goes for my business as well. My accountant is currently doing my annual tax return. I could learn how to do it myself, but for the sake of $4,000 they are going to do a much better job, get it right, and allow me to focus on what I am good at.  

The same principles apply to your business as it grows, you will develop new skills, and outsourcing is the fastest and best way to achieve it.  Last week we discussed that the team that got you here may not be the right team to take your business to the next level.

There’s so much more to outsourcing beyond just saving money

Just like moving to the cloud and SaaS services gives you access to great software at a fraction of the cost of traditional software, the same goes for access to talent.

You can tap into outside talent who can work as needed during peak periods and with specialist skills and experience that are hard to recruit for, allowing businesses to focus on making crucial decisions.

The expertise and skills that a freelancer brings are also valuable. Regularly learning new techniques and improving their skills means staying on top of industry changes and trends. They have to rely on their networks of experts who can help if needed. A freelancer spreads their time across multiple clients, saving you money while also increasing their experience.

In a congested labour market like today, untimely staff turnovers can disrupt your business.

By outsourcing, you can virtualise part of your workforce to achieve more consistency in your organisation’s operations and ease your problems.

As you grow sometimes you only need someone for 20 to 30 hours a week. This can be hard to find when someone is looking for employment, and you end up paying for a full-timer when you only need someone part-time. 

For example, you could hire a part-time IT support specialist. Having an IT support specialist willing to work a few hours each week is difficult to find though, and they would end up leaving you for a full-time opportunity, anyway. Outsourcing your IT support lets you pay only for what you need, but you keep staff devoted to your success.

How do you know when to let go and outsource

If you want your company to grow, you can outsource talent so high costs do not overburden your company. Alternatively, over-staffing too soon could lead to less work.

If any of these scenarios apply to your company, you can outsource.

  1. If a certain skill set is not part of your business model

As clients have different needs, remaining flexible is imperative. No matter what, even if you don’t have the right people on board, your business can hire qualified freelancers for any project as needed.

  1. You can flex up and down

When the economy and business are booming, you can quickly scale up. You may also notice a slower pace in your company because of an economic downturn or another reason. Outsourcing work while cutting expenses and only spending money when there is revenue will be critical.

  1. If you don’t have the talent now

Take this step if none of your employees doesn’t know how to approach a project. No matter your primary product or service, you must be respected as an expert by these people. Clients and prospects must see your employees as proof of your expertise.

Is outsourcing right for you?

Identify the gaps in your capabilities. What problems do you encounter that gives you the most frustration?

Do any of them require special equipment or skills? If you don’t have the right people right now for them, take a chance and think about outsourcing.

It makes a big difference to your business how you outsource. When you outsource, you ensure you hire the best staff and get results fast. 

If you want to find out how our expert team can help drive your company’s growth, drop me a line.

Remember GSI is better than DIY.


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