To win in the complex B2B space, you need to build trust and authority within your customer’s minds. 


B2B sales are usually high stakes and relatively high risk for a customer. If they get it wrong, it can cost them hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. 


And if they get it right, it can accelerate and grow their business and take it to the next level. 


The sad truth is a lot of marketers I come across do not understand B2B marketing.


Particularly in the complex high-end sales.


And that just leaves business leaders frustrated with their results, frustrated with their team’s results and frustrated with their business growth. 


But there is a way to accelerate your growth. 


The secret is building market momentum. 


Market momentum doesn’t just happen to you; you need to build it.


I help my clients do that by using my PACT framework.


P = Proficiency: As a business, you need to have an underlying core competency in what you sell, and you need to be able to demonstrate that to your customers. This could be with certificates, accreditations and vendor backing. 


A = Authority: What’s your authority in the market? Why are you number one or number two in the market? What are you doing to be a natural choice?


C = Consistency: Consistent presence in the market is crucial. When you start to talk about your proficiency and your authority, you need to do that consistently. Day in! Day out!


T = Trust: Consistent proficiency and authority equal trust. Once you have trust, buyers will come to you, and you will become their natural choice. 


That’s when you start to build market momentum. 


And that’s when you start to win in the market. 


And I know this because I’ve sat on both sides of the table. I have worked with corporates. I’ve been part of big decisions that have taken months to make with large amounts of due diligence. 


Let’s recap the PACT framework and how you can use it in your organisation.


Make sure your team is focused on Proficiency. You need to be experts in the market, and you need to communicate that to your potential customers. You need Authority so you can be the go-to company that customers ring when they have a problem. And to do that, you need to be Consistent and market similar messages, reinforcing them, being consistent in delivering results to the market. And then finally, once you have Trust, you will become a natural choice for potential customers. 


So, get your team focused on the PACT framework, and you’ll start to build that market momentum that you desperately need to win in the market.


It’s a flywheel. 


It takes a lot of effort and momentum to get going. But once it gets going, it’s a lot easier to fuel and to move forward. 


This is how complex B2B sales work.

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