I’m on a product bent at the moment – after last week’s big push on audio books, this week I want you to meet Crystalknows. Crystal might be a little creepy at first, but once you deal with that, she is in fact a potentially fantastic tool for your business.

Crystalknows provides a scarily accurate personality profile for anyone with a LinkedIn account. Enhancing this with additional information already in the public arena (Facebook profiles, blog posts, tweets etc), Crystal’s algorithm processes interweb breadcrumbs into a summary personality profile. The end product lets you simply and almost immediately understand what buttons to push when speaking, emailing, selling to, or working with almost anyone.

With disconcerting specificity Crystal gives you the “words, phrases, style and tone you should use to reach the recipient”, in the way they like to communicate, rather than your own. Crystal will even give you a profile’s tolerance for things like sarcasm and emoticons.

Crystal has another trick up her sleeve – to refine her profiling she offers a free DISC personalityassessment. It seems a clever “free” add-on – the reality is, the more accurate her profiling, the more likely people are to communicate with me in ways that resonate.

So – what does Crystal say about me? Here is her summary. She thinks it’s 91% accurate…

Below I’ve also copied my full profile. Fascinatingly, Crystal seems to have accessed these blogs – she knows I like bullet points, use data (and links) to prove a point, and write emails that are three sentences or less.

I think she knows each week I start the blog process with a couple of simple sentences and a few bullets… gradually taking the rest of the week to fill out to my finished 500 words or so.

Like any great tech product, Crystal comes with some cracking plug ins. Using your LinkedIn profile and calendar, it can even automatically generate profiles of the people you are meeting during the day.

I recommend you do what I did – start by testing Crystal’s accuracy on your own profile. If it feels right, then you can start using it to prepare for meetings with customers, investors, board members etc.

Crystal operates a freemium business model. Currently free to use for both your own, and up to five other profiles, for an additional $US20/mth you get access all all profiles created by Crystal.


This post was originally posted on www.theexponential.agency

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