Last week we asked for your opinion on how we are doing as a blog. Are we focusing on the right areas, are we adding value and are they helpful to you and your business?

For those that responded thanks, and for those that didn’t have time thank you for continuing to read.

There are two distinct groups amongst you.  The first is the team that are starting up and looking to grow. The second team are a group of senior people in well established businesses. For the second group the knowledge and understanding of digital disruption ranges from ‘burying your head in the sand’, to being ‘consciously incompetent’ through to few that are  consciously competent.

It is great having both groups reading this blog as it allows us to give you a view from two perspectives.

Here are the areas that you want us to delve into:

  • Disruption and innovation: understanding the two sides of the same coin. Is it a threat or is it an opportunity?
  • The latest tech and trends and how to practically use them.
  • More case studies and NZ case studies
  • How to future proof yourself
  • How to engage with your customers as their expectations change and grow
  • How to grow and scale
  • How to overcome inertia and how to fill the capability gap
  • And the big question: in an exponential world how do we view and implement legacy transformation

Generally speaking you like the crisp, insightful, factual and humorous style (thanks Mum).  You are also more than happy with a fortnightly blog unless there is something pressing to say.

Tools and tips were also a favourite part of your blog, and this week it is as simple as it is powerful. Speak to your reader / customers, get to know what they are thinking, what they want and most of all how you can help them. It is simple to do and very powerful.  And as so many of you proved your audience only too happy give an opinion :).

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for reading.  As always you can contact us here www.theexponential.agency


PS: two funniest comments of the research:

  • Don’t get hung up on one topic for too long. We know Sky are rubbish and doomed: did I get hung up again by writing this comment?
  • The irony of you guys doing contracts for Media while telling us they are dead.  I love writing about media as it is one of the most disrupted industries, it’s very visible and people can relate to it. Having worked in the most disrupted media segment (print), I can tell you it is brutal.  As the same respondent pointed out The market commentary is ahead of the reality of the demise of TV.  If perception is reality, we are stuffed, we need to change perception:  Well said!


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