If a recession is really approaching, if the governments of the world can’t stop it, what can you do? 

In “Winter is Coming – STOIC,” our framework’s second tool is Talent. Finding great talent to hire is difficult right now. Business leaders need to focus on the talent they have. What does your staff want and what can you provide? 


In some cases, it’s as simple as they’d like to work from home part-time. For others, help with further education might be a life-changing benefit.


The easiest thing to do is ask. Put a monetary value on everything you’re asked for and try to keep it all even. 

Nurturing the talent you have so you don’t have to try to find new talent when making money is your core focus.


I can hear some of you scream that there is a talent shortage at the moment, you need to do something now!  Do you need alternative models of getting access to using contractors, consultants, or offshoring? 


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