Breathe the pressure

Inhale, inhale, you’re the victim

Come play my game

Exhale, exhale, exhale

Someone certainly thinks they’re the victim, here are some direct quotes from the CEO of Sky:

  • Piracy has become our biggest competitor., The big problem is the increasing ease by which pirated content is accessible. newsroom.co.nz
  • In an attempt to reinvent themselves they (newspapers) are developing their online presence. But sadly, to save money, there is a trend of news media taking clips of the best parts of our Sky Sport content and placing them on their websites without permission. newsroom.co.nz
  • Fellet argues the newspaper industry takes highlight clips of sporting events “and puts them online within minutes of them happening, almost always with ads (for which they receive revenue) wrapped around them. nzherald.co.nz
  • Claimed that the newspapers have responded to his legal action by waging an editorial campaign against the pay TV company. “The American humourist Mark Twain once said, ‘never pick a fight with people who buy their ink by the barrel.’ I certainly understand this quote now more than ever. newsroom.co.nz
  • The Comm Comm decision to block the merger with Vodafone as “flawed”. stuff.co.nz
  • At Sky we are clear that VOD is the future. It is already the most disrupting force in television viewing. Really….. But now is not the time for a massive conversion of our core business. spinoff.co.nz
  • Netflix doesn’t allow you to come in on a Saturday, binge view House of Cards and then disconnect stuff.co.nz. (actually it does it will cost you $11.49)
  • As best as you try to cater for everyone, sometimes it is just not worth the effort“. stuff.co.nz
  • But sports rights weren’t cheap. stuff.co.nz
  • I would imagine Spark are feeling pretty chuffed at their part in blocking our merger and then being able to announce a deal like this, the irony is there for all to see. nzherald.co.nz
  • The market resembles a mutual suicide pact. nbr
  • Fellet said the internet-television services that Sky competed against were “priced too low to be commercially viableStuff.co.nz
  • Sky had to pay an “eye watering number” and an “eye watering increase”. A result of competition is often bidding of prices for things upwards. You would expect at some point in time there might be a market correction, but that is what we are living with right now. stuff.co.nz

In a parallel universe, a company focused on the customer, competition, and commercials and they won.


PS: I wasn’t going to write about this but this was too good to be true

PPS: Go on fire this bad boy up… it is Friday Breathe



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