It is scary to think 2021 is already 8% done.
Even scarier when you ask yourself if you are 8% through this year’s growth plan?
Or worse still, do you even have a plan?

In a recent survey I conducted with my clients there were two overwhelming themes for 2021.
The first goal was growing their customers, which led to the second goal of growing their business.
And there were two things they had, or they needed to achieve that.
The first was a plan and the second was capability.

So now we’re one month down in 2021 there are three different types of companies I’m seeing.
The first have a plan and are executing to it.
The second have a plan and haven’t quite started executing to it because they’ve still been on holiday.
And then the third is they don’t have a plan; they just have vague ideas floating around.
It’s not hard to tell who are going to be the ones that win this year in the market.
A reminder, we’re already 8% through the year!

If you have don’t a plan for growth, there’s really two things that are going to happen.
Firstly, your competitors will overtake you because they know what they’re doing, they’re very deliberate about it and that all about growing and serving their customers. And secondly, your team just won’t be aligned. They’ll meander along and doing the same things that they did last year, and you’ll get the same results.
If you don’t have a plan and you aren’t executing to it, you’re going to have the same frustrations that you had in your business last year, wondering where your growth is coming from, wondering what is working and wondering, what will change.
The only way to really accelerate your business is to know where you’re going and put the resources in place to get there.

And there are four things that you need to do.
The first is create a plan. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just write down your goals and how you’re going to get there. Write them down.
Number two communicate them and articulate them to your team. So, they’re on the same page and heading in the same direction.
Number three get the right resource and to help you execute that plan.
And number four, execute and market, test, learn, refine, keep executing, and keep aiming towards that target.
If you want help, with either, developing a growth plan that creates a step change, help with capability to execute contact me.

Remember we’re already 8% through this year. We don’t have time to waste just aimlessly heading in any direction we need to lock in that plan. Lock in that growth and start executing and market and start winning in 2021.

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