Marketers say they are focused on the right things but don’t have the skills.
That’s like an automotive technician saying they know their stuff but have never seen an engine before. At least so I thought, but then I dug deeper.

In a survey we conducted, marketers gave themselves a -26 NPS score. 

If you don’t know what that means: trust me, it’s terrible. 

It basically means the marketing team thinks they suck!

Let me start from the beginning. We spoke to 75 C-suite marketers and 50 business owners and something interesting happened. While the marketing team didn’t have anything good to say about themselves, the business owners gave themselves a 2 NPS score. 

Why is marketing being so hard on themselves? 

Why did marketing decision-makers in the C-suite give themselves such a negative score? 

I wanted answers, so I started reading through the survey data. The C-Suite Marketing execs said a lack of continued results and poor performance is the problem.

So in my mind, that screams ROI PROBLEM!

Most people said below-average performance and high cost. 


Another Head of Marketing said the impact of marketing had plateaued recently, or it’s getting harder, and they need to lower the costs.


It sounds like marketing really does lack the ability to demonstrate and maintain ROI and is just not connected enough with the rest of the business. That higher NPS score from the business owners’ answers comes down to them being much more connected to the business that drives ROI. 
Now you have to respect the honesty of marketing, but something has to happen here. Otherwise, marketing is doomed. The one thing we can start with is making marketing feel like they make an impact in the business. 


I am glad you asked, we can teach them how to market to existing customers to increase profit, therefore increase ROI, therefore make an impact in the business. 

I have a framework that will help you and your team get more customer profit. I would be happy to share it with you on a call. Book now, spots are filling fast and don’t worry, you aren’t doomed; we just need to shift your focus.  https://www.marketfit.co/schedule

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