Why building momentum is crucial for your B2B sales success

One size doesn’t fit all.   Unfortunately, many digital agencies, marketing agencies and marketing consultants just don’t get B2B sales.    They don’t understand the sales cycle, the stakeholder management or the complexity of what...

Align your sales and marketing teams to propel your growth strategy

This article was shamelessly inspired by working with a great client. We worked on a proposition, and we are at the business end of the go-to-market phase. And I know the launch will be a complete success. How do I know that? The client did three things that will...

The secret to helping your customers is to dig deeper

One of the benefits of my business is I get to see and help a lot of great companies.   I get to see their marketing.   All of it.   The good, the bad and the ugly.   I get to see their propositions, both the good and the ones that need some work....
Deals and Your Customers – The ABCs of Selling

Deals and Your Customers – The ABCs of Selling

To wrap up this series on the New ABCs of Selling it’s time for your special bonus offer – D for Deals. OK – as a quick reminder, this series has shown how the ABC’s of selling have moved from the high pressure of always be closing, to the more considered...
C is for Consistency. And a few other things… The ABCs of Selling

C is for Consistency. And a few other things… The ABCs of Selling

Consistency, customers and conversions Our next stop on the ABCs of Selling is C. C for Consistency. But of course, C also stands for Customer and Conversion. So in this piece I want to take a look at what consistency means, and how consistency delivers more customers...
The ABC’s of Selling

The ABC’s of Selling

So, what were you doing in 1992? Like any half decent student two years into their BCom, I was working hard on maximising my leisure time. Movies played a big part in that, so when the film Glengarry Glen Ross finally made it to Auckland I was ready. A film about...

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