What are you going to do when Amazon runs wild on you

What are you going to do when Amazon runs wild on you

I don’t want to come across as an Amazon fanboy but I have covered them a few times (here, here, here, here, here – actually there here’s the whole list), and this week is no different.   Over the past few months I have been talking to a few Retailers about...

Lessons from the start up breakfast

One of the things I like about The Exponential Agency is not only do we get to work with great clients on challenging projects as a group but also we are dedicated to helping others and ‘giving back’.  This includes being involved in The Spring Board Trust,  as an AUT...

The McMasters of Bundling

A bit of a family tradition at the end of the holidays is I allow the girls to choose an activity topped off with a meal at a restaurant of their choice. This is how this week played out: Me: Right girls, what do you want to do today – your choice: pools, beach, bike...

But my customers are cheapskates

Customer facing roles are among the hardest in the game. Known as the front line, these are  key positions, with the power to make or break your business – so it’s no wonder organisations invest big money to get the customer facing message and delivery spot on....
Do you feel lucky?

Do you feel lucky?

It was probably serendipitous that in the same week that Video EZY St Heliers closed it’s doors for the last time I saw this graph floating around a few posts on LinkedIn.  It was way to good not to share. This is possibly the starkest image I have seen of the new...

She knows more about you than you think

I’m on a product bent at the moment – after last week’s big push on audio books, this week I want you to meet Crystalknows. Crystal might be a little creepy at first, but once you deal with that, she is in fact a potentially fantastic tool for your business....

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