As we’ve covered the last couple of weeks, launching a new website can be a great learning process. But more than that, it’s an opportunity to launch new ideas and thinking. In my case, it’s meant the chance to put into practice an idea I’ve had in development for a while, eventually providing a launchpad for a brand new product. I call it “Exec as a Service”.

Exec as a Service has been bubbling under with me for a while. Over my time working B2B in corporate and enterprise businesses it was striking just what an unfair advantage these environments created. Corporates both attract and are willing to pay for the best resources and capability on the market. This resource is then shifted out of reach of smaller or even medium sized businesses (SME’s).

The fascinating thing is, SME’s businesses adapt. They move faster, unencumbered by slow decision making and internal structures rather than the customers and market they are serving. Moving faster means recognising benefits faster – a virtuous circle leading to genuinely creative and innovative business environments. These are the very guys I had in mind a couple of weeks back –  the ones who arent caught in the trap.

It’s not all wine and roses for these guys though. Often in my consulting role I see opportunities that could make a difference… these sometimes remain frustratingly out of reach due to the cost of skill and resource required to deliver. In the face of this some businesses revert to a comfort zone, or lose themselves in “busy work” rather than pushing towards the right outcome.

If I as a consultant find this frustrating it is not difficult to understand what it feels like for a business. Seeing an issue needing resolution, or an opportunity there for the taking, and not being able to action due to resource of cost is a significant downside to smaller and medium players.

This is the insight behind Exec as a Service. It’s a service designed specifically to bring corporate experience and skillsets within reach of smaller and medium businesses – at a fraction of the cost and commitment of traditional hiring.

Exec as a Service has been designed from the ground up to deliver a real difference to your business. The time of the engagement is deliberately limited – focusing both parties to deliver value via fortnightly check-ins on project progress. This delivers real accountability, momentum, cost certainty, and ultimately results to your business – you get access to corporate firepower at a price you can afford.

Exec as a Service specifically targets three areas:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Business growth
  • Scaling the business with business infrastructure

It does this through a simple five-step process: 

  • We kick things off with a strategy call – this is designed to understand your issues, and just as importantly see if there is a ‘fit’ and whether I can help
  • If the answers to these two questions are “yes” we move to workshop, designed to uncover more about your business, the issues and causes, and create a roadmap for delivery
  • Fortnightly surgeries check your roadmap progress, testing and if necessary correcting course and examining the need for any additional help. If an initiative is proving beyond your own team, then you have access to my wider liquid network of advertising agencies, e-commerce experts, media agencies, PR, accountants, business analysts, project managers, and systems integrators to draw on.
  • Finally we embed the solution and make sure it’s taking root, before…
  • Ongoing support and help for any issues that come up post-implementation

You can find out more on this new service, along with a list of FAQs on my (new!) website: https://www.marketfit.co/exec-as-a-service/ 

Key Takeaway

If you would like an obligation free strategy call with me you can book a time directly into my calendar here.


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