Ten Secrets To More Sales:

The Essential Guide For Growing Service Businesses

Thank you for reading my book, I hope you got a ton of value from it and are starting to implement some fo the secrets into your business.

Please enjoy and implement these bonuses.


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Ten Secrets Summary Sheet

Click the link to access your complimentary one-page summary of the Ten Secrets To More Sales

A guide to the world of NPS

The one question you need ask to grow your business.
Understanding and reacting to how your customers rate your business,  a key indicator of success and the potential for continued growth.

Marketing Audit

Want to really understand how to grow your business? You need to assess your Marketing against the world best.
This 10 question checklist outlines exactly where you are world-class and where you need to improve.

One Page Growth Plan

Our Simple to complete and simple to communicate one-page growth plan template which will step you through key areas, Audience & Message, Strategies & Tactics and Key Resources & Budgets while aligning to your company strategy and goals.

The one page becomes three 🙂 as I give you a tracking template.   

 The Gap

Use these Powerpoint templates to define your customer’s current state, future state and the transformation they desire.  Then work through defining the three stories, interest, demonstration and finally transformation.

Brand Archetype Quiz

Discover the essence of your brand like never before! This quiz will uncover the hidden archetypes that define your brand’s personality. Unravel the unique traits and characteristics that make your brand stand out from the crowd. 

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