I wish I had that service when I was starting out

I wish I had that service when I was starting out

I’ve had great feedback since the launch of our new Market Fit proposition. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised as I prototyped and tested the service using the same tools and processes that we have now made available to you.  And having refined and iterated the...
Unpacking the Unpacked

Unpacking the Unpacked

Apologies for last week’s blog – it was a bit of an anomaly.   It was out of sequence because I was so excited about the success of the start-up breakfast team that I had to share it with you.   I hope you didn’t mind the slight interruption to the...

Lessons from the start up breakfast

One of the things I like about The Exponential Agency is not only do we get to work with great clients on challenging projects as a group but also we are dedicated to helping others and ‘giving back’.  This includes being involved in The Spring Board Trust,  as an AUT...

The McMasters of Bundling

A bit of a family tradition at the end of the holidays is I allow the girls to choose an activity topped off with a meal at a restaurant of their choice. This is how this week played out: Me: Right girls, what do you want to do today – your choice: pools, beach, bike...

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