Hit your FY21 Growth Goals with our free One Page Growth Template

I got a bit of a shock earlier this week when one of my clients reminded me to remind them that we were 16% through the year. So the question is, are we 16% through our goals? Even without COVID lockdowns, it is a funny time of year, we are close to the end of the...

We are already 8% through 2021 are you 8% through your growth plan?

It is scary to think 2021 is already 8% done. Even scarier when you ask yourself if you are 8% through this year’s growth plan? Or worse still, do you even have a plan? In a recent survey I conducted with my clients there were two overwhelming themes for 2021. The...

From good to great marketers

We recently surveyed 75 CMOs and Marketing Directors and 50 business owners.   If you’re a business owner, here’s the good news: Your marketing teams usually know what they should be doing. In fact, they’re fully aligned with what you want them to do....

NPS – is it the key to high profitability?

Let’s talk Net Promoter Score (NPS) for a minute. Why? Because this could be the key to a (more) profitable business.   Let me start from the beginning. One of my clients has been running a voice of the customer and NPS survey for the past six months and...

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