Marketing and finance don’t mix – or do they?

Imagine, three executives sitting in front of you during a job interview.   Your job interview.    They are all looking at you in disbelieve.   Sounds stressful?   Now, imagine the next question they ask is something you don’t have the answer...

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How much should I spend on marketing?

When the American dream goes awry.  Not so long ago there was a company. They attempted to disrupt the mattress industry. They were believed to be the next unicorn. Unicorn as in a privately held start-up company valued at over $1 billion, the start-up entrepreneurs...

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The secret to helping your customers is to dig deeper

One of the benefits of my business is I get to see and help a lot of great companies.   I get to see their marketing.   All of it.   The good, the bad and the ugly.   I get to see their propositions, both the good and the ones that need some work....

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From good to great marketers

We recently surveyed 75 CMOs and Marketing Directors and 50 business owners.   If you’re a business owner, here's the good news: Your marketing teams usually know what they should be doing. In fact, they're fully aligned with what you want them to do.   And...

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How can you increase your customers’ lifetime value?

All roads lead to Rome, but only four to growing a business. Winning new customers. Getting customers to spend more. Getting customers to spend more frequently. If you have been following Market Fit for a while, you know that these are the three levers of growth by...

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NPS – is it the key to high profitability?

Let's talk Net Promoter Score (NPS) for a minute. Why? Because this could be the key to a (more) profitable business.   Let me start from the beginning. One of my clients has been running a voice of the customer and NPS survey for the past six months and they...

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