Six recession growth strategies for B2B businesses

Six recession growth strategies for B2B businesses

Businesses that come out of the recession strong don’t make deep cuts to their marketing budget. With the recent economic downturn, it is important for businesses to be on top of the growth strategies that come with a recession. And although it can...

Sales and Marketing Listicle

I am well aware that it has been a fair amount of time since I last wrote a listicle, but for the past couple of weeks I have been writing about how sales and marketing should work together (LINKS).  As a recap research has shown when the two are efficiently aligned...

Who are you trying to win over?

We all know new customers are critical to growing your business. Finding them, enticing them and converting them is the hard part. Trying to find them is a big business, in fact, the advertising market is a $2.8b market. Of course, it is much bigger than that when you...

You need to know who is making the buying decisions

Standard marketing practice for a lot of marketers, digital agencies, and myself is to analyse and work with personas. However, most people in complex B2B sales are doing them wrong, and they don’t really understand there’s actually more than one persona...

Market momentum doesn’t just happen, you need to build it

To win in the complex B2B space, you need to build trust and authority within your customer’s minds.    B2B sales are usually high stakes and relatively high risk for a customer. If they get it wrong, it can cost them hundreds of thousands, if not...

How much should I spend on marketing?

When the American dream goes awry.  Not so long ago there was a company. They attempted to disrupt the mattress industry. They were believed to be the next unicorn. Unicorn as in a privately held start-up company valued at over $1 billion, the start-up entrepreneurs...

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